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Why we believe the IBDP is better than A Levels at Scarborough College

When I joined Scarborough College as Head, one of the things that attracted me about the post was the fact
that the College teaches the International Baccalaureate in the sixth form. Nor does it fudge by running A
Levels alongside, a bold move one might say.

My interest in the diploma had arisen due to a growing disillusionment with the A Level exam system. With
25% of students gaining A grades and top universities complaining about the difficulty of discerning between
students who are genuinely able and those who are merely well drilled, one had to question the notion of the
“gold standard” that A Level purported to represent. Looking across the education sector, it was clear that
many sticking plasters were being applied.

However, all these measures were failing to recognise that the A Level examinations with their narrow focus,
modular structure and almost endless opportunities for re-sits simply were no longer fit for purpose.
The distinguishing features of the International Baccalaureate are firstly, its unequivocal global perspective
(absolutely vital in today’s world) and its broad ranging curriculum (equally vital for young people facing the
certainty of an uncertain world). Furthermore, the IB represents a philosophy which permeates through any
school, embracing ideas and having a compulsory philosophy course at its heart; it is no mere examination
system, it is an education in itself.

I spent 30 years teaching A Level and I look back with regret to the more open and rigorous syllabuses of the
past, but going backwards is never an answer and I would argue that the whole concept of students studying
three subjects at advanced level is no longer fit for the modern world. Look around, and we will find that this
is a uniquely English concept anyway; our friends in Scotland have long since enjoyed the scope of the
Scottish Highers as being a better preparation for higher study.

Last but not least, the biggest misconception about the IB is that it is only for high fliers. Here at Scarborough
College, we know this is not the case. Anyone capable of following an academic A Level course, can do the IB
which encompasses the inestimable advantage of including maths, a science and a language within it. The
students follow a stimulating curriculum and ensure that vital skills are not abandoned too soon. Universities
all over the world are available to them and statistics indicate that UK universities have not been slow to see
the quality of their IB students.

The education sector as a whole is suffering from a collective lack of courage in hanging on to something that
is broken. I would urge head teachers everywhere to stop trying to fix A Levels, just move on to something
that is already working smoothly and effectively for young people; it will not fail them and your schools will be
the better for it.

Isobel E Nixon (Mrs)
Head of Scarborough College